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Jetpack Plans!

There are three different plans for Jetpack. Choose the plan that is right for you!

While we are in Beta, you will be signed up for the Beta plan, which is $0 per month and $1 per verification. The plan that you choose below will be the plan that you will be upgraded to when the Beta ends.


Jetpack Premium is for those who are going to verify many times per month! The higher upfront cost is balanced by the signifcantly lower per-verification charge.


$99 per month

$2.49 per verification


Jetpack Standard is a great balance between the monthly fee and per-verification costs.


$49 per month

$2.99 per verification


Jetpack Basic is a great place to start, to see how useful Jetpack can be for you! While there is a cost per verification, Jetpack Free has no hosting fees


$0 per month

$4.99 per verification

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